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CMS: A Superior Router Table by Design

Every component of the CMS router table is designed to integrate seamlessly. The CMS router table is not a bunch of components cobbled together from various manufacturers. It's a piece of fine, precision machinery that can do the job like no other router table on the market right out of the box.

Begin with a router table system designed to completely and fully integrate with the Festool OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers. Add to that the precision machined work surface, fully adjustable fence, exceptional dust extraction capabilities, top mounted height adjustment, standard feather board and hold-down mechanisms, optional infeed nd outfeed tables, optional sliding table and miter gauge, and your choice of a unit that will attach to your Festool MFT/3 MultiFunction Table or stand alone model. It's pure routing bliss rolled up into a silky smooth aluminum finish.

The CMS Router Table System is available in two different models: the freestanding GE model and the modular MFT/3 add-on VL model. Each of these two models are available in two versions, with and without optional accessories included.
Key Features

System Integration
Get exceptional routing results right out of the box with a router table designed to work as a system in perfect harmony to take your craft to a higher level. The CMS System delivers maximum precision, efficiency, and ease of use without all the fuss and hassle of a patchwork system. The CMS Router Table is also the exact same height as the Festool MFT/3 MultiFunction Table and Kapex UG Extensions. This lends itself to several configuration options to extend outfeed support.

The Festool CMS Router Table allows you to easily dial in every adjustment point for uncompromising precision. It all starts with the standard top-mounted height adjustment handle used to crank the lift to raise or lower the router bit height. The CMS router bit height can be finely adjusted in 1/256" (1/10mm) increments. Other components that add to the incredible precision of the CMS Router Table are:

Fully Adjustable Fence
Independently adjustable sides with precision micro-adjustment are just the beginning. The integrated hold-downs and feather board-like action of the guarding assembly not only help to minimize exposure to the cutter, but they also help to keep even and consistent pressure on the material for precise, reliable cuts.

Chip Guard With Start Pin
This allows for great maneuverability of the workpiece when using bearing guided bits while providing excellent dust extraction. The Festool chip guard design provides great visibility of the cutter and workpiece while minimizing exposure to the cutter for a safe and reliable cut. The starting pin allows guidance into the cut as an index point while doing freehand edge work like raised panels, coves, round overs, beads, etc. The Festool starting pin design is unique as it is more than a pin, it is also an elongated guide with a tapered end that can be set to rest on the bearing of the allowing full control of the cut.

Other components of the CMS Router Tables that add to its precision are the optional Sliding Table and Miter Gauge.

Dust Extraction
Both The Festool CMS Router Table and Festool Routers are designed to control the chips as they are created. With dust ports in-fence and below the table, the CMS Router Table is designed to be used with a Festool CT HEPA Dust Extractor. The CMS is available as a Set Version which includes a specially made splitter hose that allows you to connect top and bottom dust extraction to a single dust extractor. The hose set can also be purchased separately.

The CMS Router Table system can be used on the benchtop, in the shop, or at the job site. The CMS Model GE has folding legs that allow it to be used in several configurations and to make it compact for easy transport. the compact footprint doesn't take up a lot of space in your vehicle and it only takes seconds to unfold the legs and you're ready to rout. The CMS Model VL offers the same features and functionality, but attaches to the Festool MFT/3 MultiFunction tool, for those who don't need the additional portability.

For even more information on the CMS Router Table, visit Festool's microsite here.